New Student Orientation


In order to start with the New Student 方向(NSO), you will need to have completed an online application to the college. If you have not already applied, please 提交申请.

What is New Student Orientation?

The New Student Orientation, also known as NSO (part 1) is part of the onboarding process 和 is required for all degree-seeking students new to 188金宝搏beat下载大学. 学生 receive communication via email 和 text regarding the next steps from their Student Success Coach.

At the NSO session, you will:

  • Review your class registration
  • Learn how to register for future terms
  • Schedule your first advising appointment
  • 创建您的FSA ID

You will also be registered for your New Student Orientation, part 2, which is accessible via D2L. In the online NSO class, you will be informed about:

  • 188金宝搏beat下载的校园
  • 项目
  • 学位的种类
  • How to access your remote classes
  • 支持服务
  • Eng年龄ment opportunities
  • Safety, Code of Conduct, Title IX information, 和 much more!

First Flight aka First Year Experience (FYE)

All students who have successfully completed the on-boarding process are expected to attend First Flight, which serves as a welcome event prior to the start of classes.

First Flight is a biannual event that takes place prior to the start of the fall 和 spring semesters. 学生 receive important information to help them be better prepared to start college. During this interactive session, students get their questions answered via a diverse panel 和 interact with a variety of staff who provide them with academic 和 student resources. 除了, students communicate with their peers about becoming involved on campus through clubs 和 student organizations to create a sense of belonging as they embark on a new educational journey.

Checklist for your on-boarding process:

  1. 应用 to 188金宝搏beat下载大学
  2. 申请经济资助
  3. Receive 'Welcome Letter' from BC along with Student ID number
  4. Receive communication from my Student Success Coach (SSC) about Next Steps 和 registering for NSO
  5. Receive communication from Student Success Coach to complete Major Explorer prior to attending the NSO
  6. Attend New Student Orientation
    1. 注册课程
    2. Schedule for 建议 Appointment (at the NSO) - Get step-by-step instructions
    3. Will be registering for FSA ID
    4. Will be registered for online NSO (part 2) via D2L (our software for online learning 和 teaching)
    5. Will be registered by staff for First Flight (if applicable)
  7. 参加首班航班
  8. Access your online NSO (part 2) on D2L
  9. 上课

Need help on how to access your remote classes?

Check out these resources.

If you have not communicated with your Student Success Coach to attend the NSO session, you may send an email to

Have questions about your New Student 方向(NSO) session or any other BC 招生-related requests, 请连接到 qless线.

请参阅188金宝搏beat下载远程 和 校园 New Student Orientation Schedule 和 select the time that is most appropriate for you.

周一 周二 周三 周四 星期五
9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 校园 远程 校园 远程 远程
12:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 远程 校园 远程 校园 校园
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 校园 远程 校园 远程

Need help making some changes to your schedule after attending the A&R or need help registering for future terms? 看看这个视频.

Please note, you will not be able to register for your first semester on your own. 你必须参加A级考试&R 和 register for your first semester 和 set up your advising appointment.

If you need to reschedule your A&R session (part 1 orientation) you can speak to a live representative by going to QLESS,选择 招生队列, 或发邮件